2022/2023 Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

Terpsichorean is a collaboration between Choreographer Franka Marlene Foth and digital artist Claudia Rafael.
A space-filling A.I. media installation that brings performance and digital art into dialogue: Live performance overlays of Hyperbole Extended, are juxtaposed with visual A.I. representations of the same performers. In their work, the artists question human perception and challenge the immediacy of the present. As our perception of the world is constantly expanded and altered by the digital tools we engage with to interact with others and our surroundings, not only our idea of the world but the idea of ourselves changes with it.
Do our digitally enhanced lives differ in fundamental ways from our analogue selfs? What are the crossover effects that inform our online and offline identities? Who is more important, the individual or the crowd?

Currently on view at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn