2022 silent green
2023 Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

Hyperbole Extended - a synergy between dancers, sound and audience: a multi-layered live performance that reveals the poetry of dance as well as the expressivity and strength of dancers, highlighting their dual roles as artists and athletes, while emphasizing the body as a creative and identity-defining tool.
Choreographic sculptures and an immersive soundscape fill the space, enveloping the audience in a sensory experience that prioritizes visual and auditory stimulation. The performance follows a poetic logic, where dance becomes a genre-defying, individual narrative that elevates the viewer to an emotional plane equal to that of the artists.
Hyperbole Extended is a contemporary artwork that weaves the boundaries between performance and traditional artistic disciplines such as dance and sculpture: an experience that expresses the power of human expression and the transformative potential of art.

Artist and Choreographer: Franka Marlene Foth
Sound Design: Oleg Solovey
Dancers: Camille Jackson, Janan Laubscher, Amie-Blaire Chartier, Yi-Wei Tien, Giusy Cirillo, Amalie Stitz, Luca Völkel

Photography: Frangipani Beatt